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Socks for Seniors

In the first Installment of Stoneham Inspirations, residents Kathy Hudson and Raymie Parker share their experience of starting something new in Stoneham and offer encouraging words to others who would like to do the same.
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In 2014, residents Kathy Hudson and Raymie Parker brought the nationwide Socks for Seniors, a non-profit community service project, to Stoneham! While most tend to think of the holiday season as a fun and celebratory time, for some it can be a lonely and depressing time of year.  “Our Seniors are a particularly vulnerable group as some face the holiday season unable to travel to friends and family or with the isolation of being a widow or widower, says Maureen Canova, Director of Stoneham’s Council on Aging. Socks for Seniors is a low cost, high impact way to let our Seniors know that the community is thinking of them and that we care.”

Kathy and Raymie confess that the first year was a gamble, “we honestly had no idea how this would go—we just went with it and received about 100 pairs of socks. The numbers of donations have increased every year, with 2016 hitting the record high of over 300 pairs of donated socks! We hope to receive even more donations this year.” Kathy and Raymie shared this advice to community members who want to start something new in Stoneham: “anyone who thinks it’s too hard, think again. The rewards are far greater than the time you devote. Thinking of others and actually doing something nice (easy or hard) for your fellow neighbors, is what makes a great community, and we think it’s worth every minute!”

Indeed it is! Well said Kathy and Raymie—keep those great ideas coming!